Fun Things to Do in Keystone, Colorado - A Complete Guide

From well-groomed ski and snowboard slopes to fine dining and shopping, there's something for everyone to do in Keystone, Colorado.
Posted February 15, 2024
Friends Enjoy Ice Skating at Keystone Resort

One of the most breathtaking ski resorts in the country, Keystone, Colorado, has everything you need to make your next winter getaway unforgettable. Along with the majestic landscape, there are many fun things to do in Keystone, Colorado. From well-groomed slopes to fine dining and shopping, there's something to do for the whole group. Let's dive in and discover all the unique activities that Keystone has to offer.  

Downhill Skiing  

One of the most fun things to do in Keystone, Colorado, and probably the reason you're going, is the ample opportunity to ski. This world-renowned ski resort features top trails on and off-piste that are perfect for riders of all skill levels. If you're not an experienced skier, there's nothing to worry about. The many ski instructors in Keystone provide lessons to riders of all levels and ages. Guests who sign up for ski lessons get the added benefit of skipping lines to enjoy more time on the slopes.  

Play in Snow Forts 

If you would rather keep your feet in one place instead of skiing, the two massive snow forts at Keystone let you explore the mountain and snow without going anywhere. The snow forts, designed with the whole family in mind, at Dercum Mountain are consistently ranked as one of the top fun things to do in Keystone, Colorado. The forts in Keystone are the world's largest snow forts! After playing in the snow, head to Summit House nearby to dine on laid-back fares in a family-friend atmosphere.  

Mountain Top Snow Tubing 

Those who aren't especially keen on skiing or snowboarding can delight in the many mountaintop snow tubing opportunities. This adventure is one of the most fun things to do in Keystone, Colorado, and it's perfect for the whole family. Guests will need to make reservations to enjoy tubing on the mountain, and Adventure Park, where tubing starts, is only open seasonally during the winter.  

Keystone Nordic Center 

Advanced skiers can delight in the magic at the Keystone Nordic Center. With over 10 miles of groomed trails and over 24 miles of backcountry slopes, the Keystone Nordic Center features amazing rides you won't find anywhere else, making it another fun thing to do in Keystone, Colorado. If you're a novice rider, you can find instructors offering lessons throughout the winter season. Alternatively, the Keystone Nordic Center offers snowshoe tours for those who want to move slower.  

Warm Up in the Spa 

After a long day on the cold slopes, find peace and serenity at the Keystone Spa. Guests can enjoy full body massages, customized facials, body treatments, and other enhancements. Services must be booked in advance, and optional services off-menu are available only to resort guests.  

Stables Sleigh Rides 

Another activity perfect for the whole family is the scenic sleigh rides through the town. Climb aboard a horse-drawn carriage for a magical ride through the snow, taking you to your final destination for a fantastic dinner. A truly wild west experience, Stables Sleigh Rides are one of the most fun things to do in Keystone, Colorado. You must make reservations to enjoy this experience; spaces fill up fast during the busy winter.  

Ice Skating 

There are plenty of fun things to do in Keystone, Colorado, but the most popular activities include winter snow. Perhaps no other activity is proof of this than the ample opportunity for ice skating at the rinks in Keystone. With ice skating rinks at Dercum Square and Lakeside Village, there is room for everyone to enjoy the day spinning and skating away. In the middle of the rink, guests can take a break from skating and head into the restaurant to warm up with hot chocolate and a full menu of delicious, hearty fares.  

Scenic Gondola Rides 

Take a break from skiing and enjoy a scenic gondola ride to the peak of the 11,000-foot mountain with this fun activity that's perfect for the entire family. Guests are welcomed into an all-glass-covered gondola to enjoy the surrounding scenery as they glide up the mountainside. Rides are available from 8:30 am to 4 pm daily. The last ride down is at 4:30 pm, and there are no scenic rides during night skiing activities.  

Snowmobile Tours 

For something a little faster-paced, consider a Summit County snowmobile tour. High Country Tours has beginner and advanced snowmobile tours, with two outposts within an hour of Keystone. The scenic tours feature some of the most iconic mountain views in the Colorado Rockies, as well as a hot cocoa break. You'll need a valid driver's license or permit to drive a snowmobile. You must also make reservations to secure your spot. 

Shop All the Gear You Need 

Keystone Colorado has many options for those looking to shop during their next ultimate winter getaway. The North Face, Keystone Sports River Run, and The Kids Cabin all line the River Run Village, welcoming shoppers looking for equipment, souvenirs, and other gear. If you need to rent equipment, many rental shops in River Run Village rent all the winter gear you'll need.  

Fine Dining 

Along with rows of lined shops to explore, Keystone Colorado has many fine dining options that will delight guests of all ages. Make reservations and enjoy the view at The Ski Tip Lodge, or if you're looking for a quieter atmosphere, the tables at The Ranch are sure to satisfy those with a more expensive palette. This fantastic dining experience features a prix fixe menu selected by head chef Kevin Simley and serves a full four-course meal each evening. Diners can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountain peaks and valleys nearby on the patio or cozy up by the massive fireplace. You must make reservations at least six days in advance to get a table at The Ranch, so plan accordingly! 

Summer Fun 

Although Keystone Colorado is a world-class ski resort, there are also tons of opportunities to enjoy activities year-round. Summer activities in Keystone include mountaintop yoga, mountain biking, and ample opportunities for tennis and golf.