Bergman Bowl Unlocked

Level up your winter and join us on the newly opened Bergman Express!

More Space to Play

Get ready to adventure further to new heights at Keystone with the new Bergman Express lift set to debut on December 30! Rise high above the trees where snow-much-fun awaits and the views are just the icing on the cake. Hoot and holler as you zig-zag through glades or make wide-open bowl turns that are oh-so-sweet. Make your mark on our mountain playground, and for the first time ever at Keystone, get a lift to more than 550 acres of fun above the trees in Bergman and Erickson Bowls.


In total, 16 trails will officially grace the slopes of Keystone’s high alpine terrain as a part of the Bergman Bowl project, with 13 of those trails sitting in Bergman Bowl and 3 of them in Erickson Bowl. While one familiar trail and trail name, Jane’s Journey, will remain a staple of the area in honor of Keystone’s founder, Jane Bergman, the remaining 15 new trails will debut with new trail names to match. Living up to the adventurous spirit of Keystone’s high alpine terrain, the new trail names were chosen based on surrounding iconic peaks that can be seen from the top of Bergman and Erickson Bowls. These names include mountains from the Front Range, Ten Mile range, and more, providing not only a lesson in geography but inspiration to continue to reach new heights.

Bergman Bowl Trail Names: Jane’s Journey, Miners, Quandary, Ten Mile, Thorne, Ute, Buffalo, Ptarmigan, Red, Torreys, Grays, Wichita, Uneva

Erickson Bowl Trail Names: Tenderfoot, Nuchu, Silverheels

Keystone Resort's high alpine has finally been unlocked. See the hard work, passion and ingenuity that made lift access to 550+ acres of high alpine terrain possible and celebrate Keystone's first lift access expansion in over 30 years.
Trail maps are much more than a piece of ink and parchment. They’re our trusty companion. They’re our one-way ticket to a choose-your-own adventure. Trail maps shape our journey, keep us safe, and help us chart our course through areas previously unexplored. As Keystone gets ready to adventure further to new heights in Bergman Bowl, the time has come to paint a new vision for the future.
The Keystone Trail Map Story: The Process
Since our founding over 50 years ago, Keystone Resort has been a mountain playground for everyone. From long cruisers on Dercum Mountain to the untamed powder stashes of the Outback, our three peaks have it all. But, how do you paint a mountain that has, well, everything? In part two of the Keystone Trail Map story, map maker Rad Smith joins James Niehues to detail how he brought the future of Keystone to life in his map illustrations, including our 16 new high alpine trails and next season’s addition of the Bergman Express lift.