5 Things to Do With Teens in Keystone

Not sure what to do with teens in Keystone? You have lots of options aside from skiing!
Posted January 5, 2024
Friends enjoy a powder day on advanced terrain in Keystone, CO.

Traveling with teens can be a challenge at times, particularly when it comes to entertaining them. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun things to do with teens in Keystone, so they won’t get bored while visiting. When the slopes have lost their luster, your teenagers will find there are other great activities to keep them busy. 

1. Go Snow Tubing 

For a bit of variety, you can spend part of your day at Adventure Point, sliding down the hill on tubes. The hill is designed to give you some air time if you get going fast enough. You can always ask the attendant to give you a push for extra speed. Want something even more interesting? Ask for a spin as you’re sent off. 

There’s a magic carpet ride that takes you back to the top of the tubing hill, so you don’t have to worry about walking. Your teens will enjoy this adventure, and it’s a fun way to spend an hour or so in the snow. 

2. Visit the Snow Fort 

Keystone has a fun tradition of creating a giant snow fort that you can explore. It’s not just any snow fort, though. This massive structure has tunnels, snow slides, and even mazes hidden inside it, all made from the fluffy white stuff that covers the mountain. It’s rated as an adventure for children, but who doesn’t love peeking into a huge snow fort? 

While the fort is a lot of fun to visit during the day, it’s a special treat at night, when it’s all lit up. The lights are set around the snow fort and give it some color, thanks to the tinted bulbs that are used. Again, this is the perfect spot for photo ops. 

3. Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride 

Sleigh rides are available for much of the ski season at Keystone. You have a couple of choices . . . a dinner ride or a scenic tour. The dinner ride will have you dashing through the snow until you reach a beautiful farmstead in Soda Creek Valley. There, your family will be invited to eat a delicious meal with a Wild West theme. There are even cowboys to share raucous stories of the area’s history. 

If you prefer the more picturesque option without the food, a scenic sleigh ride involves riding through the snow in the sleigh while a guide gives you insights into the area’s past. While the stories are fascinating and keep the ride entertaining, it’s a fun experience just to fly through the snowy landscape like something out of a Christmas carol.  

4. Go Ice Skating 

Tired of the slopes? If you need a little break, head over to Dercum Square and take your teens for a spin on the ice. The outdoor skating rink lets you enjoy being outdoors while you swoop and spin around the rink. 

Once you’re worn out, head for the warming hut, where you can enjoy some hot cocoa by the fire and relax until you’re ready for another round. Skating can be a fun way for your teens to meet other kids their own age while the parents chat by the fire. 

Lakeside Village also offers skating, if you prefer somewhere a little larger than Dercum Square. 

5. Go Snowshoeing 

For any teens who have never tried snowshoeing, this is sure to be a hit. You can rent snowshoes at the Nordic Center and even take lessons if you’re not sure how to begin. However, once you have the hang of walking with snowshoes, you’ll love the flexibility and freedom it gives you to go nearly anywhere. 

Keystone has several trails that you can explore, or you can take one of the Nature Snowshoe tours offered at the Center. These are a fun way to get out and see more of the natural beauty around Keystone, including wildlife in many cases. Since snowshoes tend to be quiet and allow you to go where you wouldn’t otherwise venture, it’s a great way to spot some of the creatures that make the mountain their home. 

It’s Time to Plan Your Keystone Vacation with Teens 

From ice skating to snowshoeing and climbing through snow forts, there’s no shortage of things to do with teens at Keystone. This is the perfect opportunity to bond with your children before they’re off to college, and playing in the snow is a surefire way to enjoy your time together. Keystone offers far more than just skiing, so book your vacation today and experience the fun for yourself.