Instagram-Worthy Spots at Keystone

There's no shortage of stunning landscapes and thrilling activities to capture in Keystone. Check out the most Instagram-worthy spots in Keystone!
Posted May 24, 2024
Taking a selfie after fresh snowfall in Keystone, CO.

Keystone is one of Colorado's most popular ski towns! And it's no surprise why. With its breathtaking mountain views, quaint small-town feel, and abundant snowfall, Keystone is the perfect place to hit the slopes — and snap some amazing Instagram pics. Get those cameras ready! 

Instagram-Worthy Spots on the Mountain 

These are the higher-altitude photo opportunities. Some require you to ski or snowboard there, but most are accessible via roads or rides that non-downhillers can also take. 

1. Outpost Gondola 

Even non-skiers can get those perfect ski-slope pics with a Keystone Scenic Gondola Ride. Take pictures from above as you glide up the mountain. With panoramic views and a sky that stretches to the horizon, the ride offers plenty of Instaworthy angles and views on your trip up or down.  

Skiers will also appreciate the sweeping views from the Peru Express Chairlift. Just make sure to hold on to that camera! 

2. The Summit House Restaurant 

Take a rest and refuel with some delicious food at The Summit House Restaurant. It’s also a chance to catch up on your Insta game and meet non-skiing, gondola-riding friends for lunch.  

The mountaintop restaurant offers up a bird’s-eye panorama of Keystone, complete with majestic views of the ski resort. Sit outside to make the most of these stunning vistas. 

3. Snow Fort at Dercum Mountain 

Right by Summit House is a Keystone Fun Zone that includes the world’s largest mountaintop snow fort. It’s the perfect place for families to gather or for friends to have some silly fun. 

Climb up the snowy stairs, explore the ice tunnels, or venture onto the ramparts. Then look around for a kindly face. You’re sure to find someone to take a group picture in front of the massive structure. 

4. The Slopes  

Pics, or it didn’t happen. 

New skiers and boarders can take shots of themselves with all their new gear, and experts can selfie at the very top of the mountain. The view of the Dillon Resivoir from the top of Schoolmarm Trail is spectacular. 

Intermediate and advanced skiers should head to the North Peak. Its views of the iconic Continental Divide will take your breath away.  

Adventurers looking for the ultimate challenge can extend their journey further up the mountain with the North Peak Cat Shuttle. Head back down to lift-served territory via the Bergman and Erickson Bowls, or brave the Independence Bowl where you’ll have to hike up to ski down.  

Only, please take your photos at the top of the run rather than in the middle! Never drink and drive or selfie and ski. 

5. The Ski Beach at Labonte's Smokehouse  

Who said beaches were only for the summer? Catch some rays at Labonte’s Smokehouse. The restaurant serves up some delicious barbecue and beer, but the main attraction is its prime location at the base of the base of North Peak -- complete with a huge outdoor space, danceable music, beach chairs and sweeping views.  

The perfect midday break for spring skiing, this is the kind of setting that’s #onlyincolorado. 

6. The Nordic Center 

Not all of Keystone’s skiing is downhill. The Nordic Center is a mountain paradise with more than 17 kilometers of groomed trails and access to 40 kilometers of backcountry trails throughout the White River National Forest.  

Add some skate skiing or cross-country to your list of things to do in Keystone. Or take some snowshoes into the backcountry where you’ll experience a piece of nature's vast beauty that few can boast to have seen first-hand. Be generous, and snap some pics so that your Instagram followers can participate vicariously. 

7. Night Skiing at River Run 

Keystone’s night skiing lets snow bunnies take advantage of the longest ski day in Colorado. With its vibrant lights and picturesque peaks, River Run is an ideal place to capture that perfect evening moment. 

River Run truly turns into one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Keystone around sunset. As the sun sets blazing red and orange across the horizon, enjoy — and photograph — one of nature's most thrilling displays. 

Just stay warm and make sure your phone battery is fully charged at the beginning of the day. You’d hate to run out before the extra-long ski day is over. 

Instagram-Worthy Spots at the Base and in Town 

Not every perfect photo requires extra altitude. Stay grounded with these photo-worthy things to do in Keystone. 

8. Lakeside Village  

Capture beautiful lakeside scenes with sprawling meadows and forests in the background! Lakeside Village is easily one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Keystone — no matter the season. 

Enjoy sprawling views of the lake and sparkling water in summer. In winter, you can rent some skates (or bring your own) and ice skate on the lake.  

Want to experience one of the more unusual things to do in Keystone? Try the sport of curling, available at Keystone Adventure Center. It’s guaranteed to present some attention-grabbing photo opportunities. 

9. Stables Sleigh Ride 

Looking for a winter adventure that little ones and grandparents can also enjoy? Why not take a horse-drawn sleigh ride? This hour-long journey will take you through the scenic Soda Creek Valley. 

You’ll also enjoy tales of days gone by and hot cider at an original Keystone homestead. This time, let the horses do the work as you go dashing through the snow. 

10. Après All Day 

It’s winter’s answer to summer’s rosé-all-day fun. Kick back with the food at Last Lift Bar or 9280' Sake House. The vibrant atmosphere and creative cocktails are the perfect way to unwind after a day on the slopes. But mastering the après-ski lifestyle doesn’t require you to ski first. Visit at any time of the day. 

11. Ski Tip Lodge 

More sophisticated fare can be found at Ski Tip Lodge. Cozy and quaint, the Lodge was once an 1800s stagecoach stop. Travelers can pose against this charming backdrop.  

Even better, this B&B hosts one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the country. It’s the kind of food you want to remember, and what better way than with a picture? 

Find More Photo Ops and Things to Do in Keystone 

Keystone, Colorado has so much to offer photographers — whether you’re a selfie master, a professional artist, or just looking to make some memories. The views from the mountain are incredible, and the charming town complements it perfectly. 

From natural scenic beauty to man-made delights, there's something for everyone. All you have to do is point and shoot. 

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