Why Keystone Is Great for Beginning Skiers and Snowboarders of All Ages

Find out why Keystone's bunny slopes are great for beginning skiers and riders and learn how you can enjoy the ski vacation of your life at Keystone.
Posted November 25, 2023
Adult Ski Lesson at Keystone

You may already know that Keystone is a favorite winter destination for skiers and riders, but is Keystone good for beginners? Absolutely! Keystone's bunny slopes are perfect for beginning skiers and riders of all ages. Plus, Keystone's world-class instructors specialize in creating an enjoyable learning atmosphere where you can relax, have fun, and get to know your fellow newbies. 

Adult Ski and Snowboard Lessons at Keystone 

If you've never put on a pair of skis or a snowboard in your life, no worries — Keystone has plenty of expert instructors who can get you started with both group and private ski and snowboard lessons. Keystone's instructors have years of experience teaching absolute beginners, and you'll learn in a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere with no pressure or stress. Keystone's instructors will teach you the correct techniques, so you'll have a proper beginning to your mountain adventure. 

For beginners, Keystone offers half-day group lessons in morning or afternoon sessions, so you can choose the time that best suits your vacation schedule. These half-day sessions are helpful for new skiers and riders who may get worn out by a full day of skiing or who want to practice on their own before or after the lesson. 

Keystone also offers full-day beginner/intermediate lessons that can teach you the basics, or help you hone your existing skills. And if it's your very first time, Keystone has a special full-day "first-timers"class that will help you get started on the slopes as quickly and confidently as possible. 

All lessons are taught in Keystone's designated learning areas, which are designed to accommodate all levels of beginners, from first-timers to those who haven't skied in years. Whether you choose full-day or half-day sessions, you'll be learning in a fun and safe environment. And as your lessons progress, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn. 

Group and Private Lessons at Keystone 

Many people prefer a group lesson format because learning in a group can give you a great sense of camaraderie, as well as added confidence. You're all starting together, and you can even learn from each other as you progress. Keystone's group lessons are especially popular with both adults and kids because they're taught by sympathetic instructors who are experts at teaching the fundamentals of skiing and riding in a safe and fun environment. 

If you prefer private lessons, Keystone offers one-on-one instruction courses that you can schedule and customize according to your vacation plans. 

And if you're an intermediate, advanced, or pro-level competitive skier or rider, Keystone can provide you with an instructor who can assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you hone your technique and skills. 

Teaching Your Kids to Ski or Snowboard at Keystone 

Keystone offers a wide range of children's beginner courses taught by expert instructors who specialize in teaching kids to ski and snowboard. And Keystone's bunny slopes are built on easy-to-handle terrain, so kids can learn quickly without fear or hesitation. The gentle slopes will also help build their confidence, as they soon discover that they're really skiing, just like the grown-ups. 

Keystone's children's lessons are designed to be festive and entertaining. They're also geared toward getting kids started on the slopes with good technique as quickly as possible, so kids won't get bored or frustrated with trying to learn.   

In addition, Keystone has two signature youth programs offering multi-week lessons in skiing and snowboarding: 

Kroozers Program: The Kroozers Program groups kids 5-14 according to their ages and abilities, from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Beginners are taught all the most basic techniques, from stopping and turning to learn how to get up from a fall safely. 

All Mountain Performance: Designed for kids ages 7-14, the All Mountain Performance Program is an 11-week course for advanced intermediate and expert skiers. 

Renting Ski and Snowboard Equipment for Beginners 

If you're a beginner and you don't have any equipment, don't worry, Keystone has you covered. You'll find rental shops everywhere in the resort, where you can rent all the gear you need for a fantastic day on the slopes. You can also rent a complete line of kid's gear for all ages and sizes. 

Once you've tried skiing or Snowboarding, if you decide to buy your own gear, you'll also find plenty of retailers throughout Keystone with a huge range of clothing and equipment. 

Tips for Learning to Ski or Snowboard at Keystone 

  • Be sure to book your lessons ahead of time. This will help you organize your vacation better. And by booking online, you can get the times you want before classes get full. 
  • Don't forget lift tickets! You'll need these for you and your family. You can purchase lift tickets and season passes online. 
  • Don't overload yourself with equipment before you come, because you may end up with things you won't need. On the day before your lesson, you can get fitted for your rental gear. Once you find out what you need, you can continue to rent, or you can buy your gear from the shops in the village. 
  •  What should you bring? In addition to your equipment and clothing, we recommend wearing a helmet, eye protection, and sunscreen. You can rent helmets and goggles from our rental shops. Visit our Prepare for Your Lesson page for a full list of recommended gear.  


Best Beginner Trails at Keystone 

Once you've started your classes and mastered the basics, it's time to hit the slopes! Here's a look at some of the best trails for beginners at Keystone: 

Dercum Mountain: On top of Dercum Mountain, there are two great learning areas, Endeavor and Scout, with designated “slow skiing” zones for beginners. The first section of Endeavor even has a “magic carpet ride,” a walk-on conveyor belt that gently transports you up to the top of the slope. There’s also a short twisty trail nearby, Murphy’s Mine, that will take you along a sparsely forested route right through a tunnel. 

Discovery: Located in the base area at Mountain House, this beginner hill is accessible to the parking lot, so it’s a great place to hop out of the car and try out your new skills with some quick and easy runs. The magic carpet lift, Double Barrel, will take you straight to the top. 

Is Keystone good for beginners? It's great for everyone, from kids to adults and from beginners to experts. And once you start learning, you'll find that it's just a short, quick hop from Keystone's bunny slopes to the real slopes along Colorado's most beautiful mountain ranges. If you're ready for the winter vacation of your dreams, be sure to visit KeystoneResort.com to learn about all the winter sports activities, restaurants, and entertainment venues Keystone has to offer.