Top Picks for Expert Skiing at Keystone

Seasoned skiers want runs that test their skills for endless smiles in the snow. Discover expert ski trails at Keystone, Colorado.

Posted February 27, 2024

Skier near trees on Dercum Mountain in Keystone, CO

Keystone Resort in Colorado brings enthusiastic skiers together in 3,149 acres of fun across 3 peaks. The sheer beauty of the resort is one of its major draws. The terrain changes so dramatically from one season to the next, from lush greenery perched on the banks of a magnificent blue lake to a powder-coated mountain playground come winter season. The second big draw is the range of expert ski trails at Keystone, ideal for the seasoned skier who wants to test their mettle on the mountain and show off their skills. 

Discovering which expert ski runs at Keystone resort are right for you and your friends or family can be a big part of the adventure of your ski vacation. Give yourself a head start with a little research before you travel: prepping makes the playground better! 

Diamond Back 

This expert ski trail at Keystone is considered one of the more advanced black diamond runs. It’s also a great way to access the Outback and North Peak from Dercum Mountain, allowing skiers to explore and even discover new runs. The run is over 1.1 miles long, with a vertical drop of 1,309 feet and the chance to build up some serious speed. 

On a fresh powder day, Diamond Back is one of the smoothest black level runs on the resort but expect moguls and rough terrain on any day where the snow isn’t brand new. If Diamond Back is too challenging, Mozart is an alternative route to North Peak that varies between blue and black difficulty and is a little more forgiving than Diamond Back. However, the traffic on Mozart is much heavier because so many other runs merge with this trail, so take this into consideration when picking your run. Mine Shaft is another black diamond run that takes you to North Peak from Dercum, and can be a good compromise route if you still want a challenge. 

The Windows 

If tree skiing is your thing, then The Windows is for you. As soon as you’ve taken your hike to the start of The Windows, you’ll notice the signs that states this zone is for experts only. Make sure you don’t ski alone, as a buddy can help if you’re struggling or take a fall. There are actually several killer glade runs throughout and near The Windows, including: 


  • Black Jack 
  • Brahma 
  • Buck Shot 
  • Crap Game 
  • Gun Barrel 
  • Lower Windows 
  • Mouse Trap 
  • Narrow Gauge 
  • Roulette 
  • Snake Pit 
  • Wild Card 

Each of these runs is double black diamond or extreme double black diamond, making The Windows the ultimate spot for expert ski trails at Keystone. Because it’s only for advanced skiers, it’s often fairly quiet up here, plus it’s a little out of the way and only accessible via hiking. Thanks to this relatively low traffic, the snow quality at The Windows is excellent, particularly if you head up there just after a powder day. 

The Gun Barrel run here is particularly challenging, requiring fast turns and razor-sharp instincts. The Windows offers tree skiing at its toughest and most exhilarating. 

Go Devil 

Go Devil, named for the sleds they used to send logs down the slopes at awe-inspiring speeds, runs from the side of the terrain park all the way to the base of the resort. Regulars know that this is a super fun, yet super steep black diamond run suitable for both skiing and snowboarding. Those looking for a bigger thrill can take advantage of the boxes and rails set up early in this run to show off some skills and jumps. 

Upper Go Devil is the first part of the run, and starts off with a relatively gentle slope that rapidly gets steeper. From here, Go Devil becomes a white-knuckle speed run down tree-lined slopes, with an incomparable view directly ahead of the surrounding mountains. The entire run is 1.05 miles, with a vertical drop of 1,227 feet, giving you an idea of the pitch of the slope and the speeds you can achieve. Once you reach the bottom, you can relax at Mountain House Base or take the nearby chairlift back up for another run! 

Steep rides down the nearby Packsaddle Bowl are a great way to experience some speed and seclusion, as this area is often overlooked in favor of the more famous Go Devil run close by. Packsaddle Bowl is much loved by ski enthusiasts who consider it their “hidden secret.” Packsaddle is rated black diamond and is one of the lesser-known expert ski runs at Keystone. 

Because there is a wide range of intermediate as well as expert ski trails at Keystone, it’s possible to level up your skills quickly at this resort. Start off at a level you’re comfortable with and build up to Go Devil, Diamond Back, or some bowl skiing. Enjoy Keystone’s expert trails with your friends by your side. If you and your powder pals want more information about skiing opportunities that stretch your abilities, take a look at the resort’s detailed trail maps or get in touch and speak to a member of Keystone’s resort team.