Keystone Trail Map Story

Posted Mar. 10, 2023

Passing the Brush

Trail maps are much more than a piece of ink and parchment. They’re our trusty companion. They’re our one-way ticket to a choose-your-own adventure. Trail maps shape our journey, keep us safe, and help us chart our course through areas previously unexplored. As Keystone gets ready to adventure further to new heights in Bergman Bowl, the time has come to paint a new vision for the future. Follow along as we detail the Keystone Trail Map story with legendary map makers James Niehaus and Rad Smith in the first of our two-part series. Together, we are #BergmanBound.
Part II

Keystone Trail Map Story: The Process

Since our founding over 50 years ago, Keystone Resort has been a mountain playground for everyone. From long cruisers on Dercum Mountain to the untamed powder stashes of the Outback, our three peaks have it all. But, how do you paint a mountain that has, well, everything?

In part two of the Keystone Trail Map story, map maker Rad Smith joins James Niehaus to detail how he brought the future of Keystone to life in his map illustrations, including our 16 new high alpine trails and next season’s addition of the Bergman Express lift. #BergmanBound