Bike Park Progression

Everything you need to know

The Keystone Bike Park

In the summers, we offer a different kind of downhill thrill: our legendary bike park.

The Keystone Bike Park is known for some of the gnarliest terrain in the Rockies. And while it is true that we have plenty of adrenaline-filled advanced and expert trails, we also offer scenic greens and mellow blues to welcome a variety of riders to our mountain in the summertime. With a top to bottom beginner trail and a progressive path to help you learn, exploring the terrain is a fun adventure, as long as you're prepared!

Just like in the winter, there’s a few things to know before you hit the park: Make sure you understand signage, the mountain biker’s responsibility code, and your ability level so that you can enjoy our mountain all summer long.

Keystone Revolution Enduro Bike Race Rider on Wild Thing

Know Before You Go

Just like ski trails, all routes within the Bike Park are designated by color-coded markers at the start of each descent. Not only are bike park trails described by color, but also by Freeride vs. Technical.


Freeride trails are machine-cut and contain man-made features. Routes are enhanced with dirt jumps, ride-on features, gaps, narrow surfaces, wallrides, berms and other natural or constructed features. All Freeride trails are identified with an orange oval.


Technical trails are designed to embrace the rugged shape and terrain of the mountain, utilizing a majority of natural terrain. Routes are typically hand-built and feature organic obstacles and stunts such as rocks, roots, logs, drops, jumps and other natural or constructed features that require technical riding skills. Technical trails are identified by their difficulty symbol, a jagged arrow. Jumping skills may be required.

Practice Makes Perfect

Same as skiing in the winter, our best piece of advice is to ride within your ability. Work your way up to more advanced trails and features based on your progression, skill and comfort level. When it comes to downhill, being safe is the best place to start. Here are a few tips and tricks to get those wheels turning:

  1. Take your time and ride smart. Ride a trail multiple times to familiarize yourself with the features and grow your confidence with each run. Take the first lap slow to learn the features and understand what’s ahead of you.
  2. The top of Dercum Mountain is over 12,000 feet above sea level, and just like when you visit us to ski or ride in the winter, altitude is also a factor in the summer. Being so much closer to the sun, you’ll want to lather up with sunscreen, drink water and take frequent breaks.
  3. Also like skiing or riding, your eyes guide where the bike goes, which means the faster you’re going, the farther you should be looking ahead on the trail. Keep your head up and keep control!

Whether you're just hopping on a downhill bike for the first time or you’re a seasoned rider, these tips will help you make the most of your biking season. Before you go, remember to learn more about each of our trails and map out your day ahead of time with our trail map.

Have fun, stay in control, and stay safe!




Ready, Set, Go!

If you’re already a pro and ready to go, make sure to check out the races we have to offer this season:

  • August 3: Team Summit Down Hill – Sign up!

  • August 12-13: Revolution Enduro Bike Race – Sign up!

  • Aug 26-27: Downhill Rockies Series Sign up!