Bergman Bowl Project

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Bergman Bowl Project Update

Update from February 14, 2023


We’ve received an update from the U.S. Forest Service on the status of our Bergman Bowl Project and the restoration efforts that we began work on late last summer. I am pleased to share that our restoration plan has been accepted and approved. The Bergman Bowl Project is permitted to move forward, and we are planning to resume work this summer so that we can open the new lift in time for the 2023/24 season.

I want to reiterate how grateful I am for the partnership of the U.S. Forest Service throughout this process, and for the quick and thorough remediation actions from our teams on the ground. As a part of the restoration efforts, we created additional drainage management plans to minimize impacts to streams and local watershed, and we salvaged topsoil and treated damaged soils in order to help mitigate erosion and restore alpine vegetation. We will continue to care for and monitor the alpine tundra for years to come as a part of our continued restoration efforts in this area.

I can ensure you that the environment and our role as stewards of our National Forest will remain at the heart of everything we do as we embark upon the completion of the Bergman Bowl Project and beyond. We look forward to making the incredible high alpine terrain of Bergman Bowl more accessible to our guests for the 2023/24 winter season.

-Chris Sorensen, VP & GM at Keystone Resort



Update from August 4, 2022


Over the last month, Keystone Resort has been working closely with the U.S. Forest Service on issues that arose during construction of the approved Bergman Bowl project. Following an assessment of the situation, I have some important updates to share.


I am pleased to share that the U.S Forest Service has approved our restoration plan intended to fully restore the affected area in the high alpine. In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, we started some of this work after their initial notification to us in July, and we look forward to continuing this work now that we have a fully approved restoration plan to execute. 


While we are pleased with this news, it is important to note that the U.S. Forest Service has determined that high alpine portions of our project will need to undergo further environmental review. As a result, Keystone will not complete the Bergman Bowl Express lift for the 2022/23 season. I am disappointed to share this news with our guests and community. I know many were looking forward to this new lift-serviced terrain at the resort, including myself and the Keystone team, but for this winter, we do plan to open Bergman Bowl with hike-to skiing and riding.


The U.S. Forest Service also told us certain aspects of the project’s implementation may continue that are independent of the impacted area, including the expansion of the Outpost Restaurant that is planned to open this winter, as well as snowmaking and trail work that will set us up well for continued work to bring the full Bergman Bowl project to life.


Our priority is preserving and caring for our natural environment. We take our role as stewards of the environment and of National Forest Service Land extremely seriously, and we will operate with that at the heart of the work we execute for the restoration plan and the full Bergman Bowl project.


We are grateful for the U.S. Forest Service’s partnership throughout our work together on this project. We greatly respect their expertise and look forward to working together on both the restoration plan and the supplemental environmental review. We are optimistic that we will be able to complete the Bergman Bowl project next summer for the 2023/24 season.


-Chris Sorensen, VP & GM at Keystone Resort



Update from July 27, 2022


We are working closely with the U.S. Forest Service on an issue that arose during construction. Specifically, an area that was supposed to have a minimal construction route was instead approached as a temporary construction route. This was due to a misunderstanding by our construction team, for which we take full responsibility.


Keystone Resort has a long history of successful partnership with the U.S. Forest Service on projects that provide guests the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation within our National Forest. We take this mistake seriously, and at their direction have paused some work at the site while the USFS conducts an assessment to determine next steps.


We deeply regret the impact this unauthorized construction activity has had on the environment that our team works carefully to protect every day. We take environmental protection and compliance extremely seriously and are committed to making this right.


At this time, we do not yet know if this will impact the opening of lift-served terrain at Bergman Bowl this season. We will provide more information as we continue to work in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.


-Chris Sorensen, VP & GM at Keystone Resort