Terrain Parks

What Makes A51 A Cut Above?

Skier, Keystone Colorado

Built for Park Riders & Skiers, by Park Riders & Skiers

Those who design A51 love to shred park as much as you do. They work year-round to get the features and parks ready, creating an industry leading park. No matter what park you ride in A51, the crew’s dedication and innovation goes into every feature.  

Features & Paths for Every Ability

A51 is a progressive park, allowing you to start small before conquering the big features in Main Street. We have boxes, rails, tubes, tables, jumps and transition features that are perfect for your ability, whether you’re attempting your first park feature, aspiring to be an athlete, progressing your parks skill or a sponsored pro.

Discover Freestyle Tricks by Watching the World’s Best

If you’re feeling like you need a little inspiration, take a ride on the Peru Express Lift or A51 Lift to catch a front seat view, as top-level pros, locals and park enthusiasts from around the world throw down on Main Street and Park Lane.

Its Own Dedicated Lift for Fast Laps

For direct access to A51, head to Mountain House base area and up the Peru Express Lift. From there, you can make quick park laps all day on our dedicated A51 Lift.

A51 Terrain Park is Like No Other Park in the U.S. & Our Guests Agree

It’s been voted a Top 10 Terrain Park for the last decade by TransWorld Magazine, including #4 in 2017, #3 in 2016 and #2 Terrain Park by Newschoolers Park Poll in 2017.

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Navigating A51's Six Terrain Parks

Terrain Park, Keystone Colorado

As with anything in life, when you start freeskiing or riding, you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Or in the case of A51, start at Easy Street and work your way up to Main Street.

With over 100 features, A51 is the place for riders of any level to find progressive features set up in six terrain parks, complete with its own chairlift.

Extra Small: Easy Street

If this is your first encounter with a box, rail or jump, start here. Featuring mellow ride-on features, user-friendly jumps and progressive transition features, Easy Street is designed for skiers and riders that are just beginning to hone their freestyle skills before progressing to I-70 and The Alley.

Get comfortable with your board or skis touching plastic and metal instead of snow. The jumps will get you off the ground and allow you to work up to bigger and bigger air as your comfort level increases.

Small: I-70

Cruise into I-70 with an assortment of rails, boxes and jumps. The first jump in lower I-70 is the size of the last jump in Easy Street, and each gets progressively bigger. By the time you clear the last I-70 jump and conquer new tricks, you will be ready to progress to Park Lane.

Medium: Park Lane, The Alley

Welcome to Park Lane: a quick moving jump line split into an upper and lower section that's perfect for building your confidence as you dial in tricks. Upper Park Lane features a progressive jump line to build your confidence. Lower Park Lane helps finish up those tricks with the opportunity to hit the quarterpipe or jibs in-between jump laps. Located near the Peru Lift, this jump line receives quite the applause when you throw tricks with style and ease in the air.

The Alley is a true jibber's delight. A true skate-style park, you can create your own line through plenty of features—all of which flow from one to another. The Alley keeps your rail game in check with more technical features and makes it pretty easy to fill an edit for a whole season. 

Large: Main Street

Welcome to Keystone’s largest park in A51. Main Street features a large, triple jump line that's perfect whether you’re hitting a big jump for the first time or working on your doubles. With a chairlift audience watching your every move, this is the perfect spot to have a session with friends, train, or have fun on our large creative photo shoot type features of Lower Main Street.

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