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Colorado snowmobile tours are an adventure. Experienced guides will take you through lush forests to some of the most awesome views of the majestic Colorado Rockies. Let professional guides help you experience the Colorado high country. No previous snowmobiling required, but tours are offered for experienced riders.


  • 6 Hour Rocky Mountain Challenge - $500.00
  • Enjoy over 25 miles of groomed trails. Views of Mount Massive and Mount Albert. 2 hour ride for single riders only

  • Prospector Tour - $180.00 per Driver
    $80.00 per Passenger
    Tour for families with children, singer riders looking to take in the scene, or couples who want to ride together.

  • 2 Hour Performance Tour - $220.00
    Single Riders only

  • 2 Hour Adventure Tour - $250.00
    Single Experienced Riders only
    Tour for more advanced and challenging ride. No passengers allowed.
    $50 gratuity expected

  • 3 Hour Adventure Tour - $350.00
    Single Experienced Riders only
    Tour for more advanced and challenging ride to range out into remote areas to explore back country bowls.
    $70 Gratuity expected

Time: Tours are at 9 a.m; 12 p.m. & 3 p.m.

Location: 1668 County Rd 99, Leadville, CO 80461 (Prospector Tour), 6492 CO Hwy 91, Leadville CO 80461 (Performance Tour). Transportation not provided.  Driving directions below. 

Requirements: Must be 15 years old with a valid driver’s license to drive.

Cancellation: This event has a 48 hour cancellation policy. You are able to cancel outside of 48 hours of your reserved tour time. Inside of 48 hours the reservation is non-refundable. No shows will be charged 100%

Reservations are required. To make a reservation, please call 970.496.4386

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How to Dress & What to Bring

What to Bring on a Snowmobile Tour

Experience the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains from a snowmobile as you ride through powder-fill back country bowls at elevations from 11,000 to 12,000 feet. When you’re at the 'top of the world on a snowmobile riding through winter elements and conditions it’s important to dress for the weather. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your ride through remote mountain tundra with the right clothing choices and key pieces of equipment.

What to Wear

You’ll be spending the entire portion of your snowmobiling tour outside so you should dress similar to how you would for a day of skiing. You’ll want to wear wind and water resistant ski jackets and pants. The snowmobile company will provide a helmet.

When getting dressed for your snowmobiling tour you will want to wear enough layers so that you will be warm but not sweating. Avoid wearing cotton jeans and sweatshirts that do not allow sweat to evaporate. The majority of heat is lost through the extremities which are your head, arms and feet. The snowmobiles used will have heated handle bars and foot rests.

Important items not to forget

These last few items are easy to forget but are essential to keep you warm during your trip.

  • You can expect to be from Keystone for 4 hours total. Make sure to bring a credit card for a damage deposit.
  • Warm gloves or mittens – The snowmobiles will have heated handles to help keep your hands toasty warm. However, you’ll be traveling at speeds up to 40MPH and will want to make sure your gloves are wind resistant and waterproof. Ski or snowboard gloves work well for snowmobiling.
  • Goggles- You’ll want goggles to protect your eyes from wind, snow and sun during your journey. Make sure you pack your ski goggles. If you don’t own any you can also wear sunglasses but they will not provide as much warmth or protection. Remember, high altitude sunlight reflected from snow is much more intense than at lower elevations; snow-blindness may occur if goggles or sunglasses are not worn.
  • Face masks or neck gators – Even light fluffy snow becomes surprisingly painful at high speeds. Wear a face mask, gator or scarf to keep the smile on your face!
  • Sunscreen (even on cloudy days) – The high altitude makes the sun’s rays stronger.
  • Pocket sized heat packs – The secret to enjoying being outside on cold winter days. Throw them into the tips of your boots and into your gloves to ensure you stay nice and warm. If it’s a particularly cold day keep one in the pocket you’ll keep your camera in so that it doesn’t freeze.
  • Camera – You’ll want to take photos of all the fun you’ve had and the incredible views you encounter during your tour. Your guide will be available to help with group shots and any necessary staging!
  • Cards and IDS – You will need to bring a valid form of identification (like a drivers license) and a credit card to keep on file for damage deposits.

Finally, don’t forget to bring some extra cash. At the end of your trip you’ll want to tip your guide and possibly purchase action photos of your adventure.


If you are lost or late, please call 970.496.3851

Driving to White Mountain Tours:

  1. From Keystone Take Hwy 6 to Interstate 70, about 6 miles
  2. Go West on Interstate 70, Take Exit 195, Copper Mountain/Leadville Exit
  3. Go over the Highway and the road you are on will turn into Highway 91
  4. Take Highway 91 for approximately 14 miles
  5. You will see the Climax Molybdenum Mine at the top of Fremont Pass after 10 miles
  6. Continue on Hwy 91 over the pass until Mile Marker 7
  7. You will then see White Mountain’s large red and white sign on the left, depicting a snowmobile and stating “SNOWMOBILE BASE CAMP”.
  8. Please approach slowly and make a cautious left-hand turn into White Mountain’s driveway.

*You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation at the Base Camp.

If you are lost or late, please call 970.668.5323