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                                    O - Open | C - Closed

Couple Mountain Biking in a Grassy Meadow

GreenTrail Tab

Single-track dirt trails, 18" – 36" wide, gentle grades (6%)
Open and forested areas, smaller embedded rocks, loose rocks, and tree roots
Requires basic mountain bike handling skills

Green Trails Table

Status Trail Name Trail Description
O Overdrive Skills Park Three lines of progression berms, bumps, table tops and rock gardens.
O Beans for Breakfast (.25 Mile) A wide, flowing introduction into berms and rollers.
O            Bluegrass (.25 Mile) A fun, short single-track through the aspen groves and open ski runs.
O            Celtic Way  (.5 Mile) Connects Let it Ride to Bluegrass—winding & twisting across open ski trails and lodgepole pine forests. 
O Easy Street (.25 Mile) Easiest access to the River Run base area. Access from Jackstraw Road. Newly re-surfaced upper section.
O Girl Scouts (1.25 Mile) Turning single-track through lodgepole forest and across open ski trails. Great view of Lake Dillon.
O Let It Ride (2.75 Miles) A fun “roller coaster ride” across ski trails and through the woods.
O Ride On (.25 Mile) A fun shortcut between Let it Ride and Boy Scouts.
C Sleepy Hollow (.5 Mile) Rolling single-track through aspen & pines. This trail is also a good uphill route.
O Suz’s Cruise (1 Mile) Connects bottom of Girls Scouts to top of Mosquito Coast, Eye of the Tiger, and Let It Ride via a rolling, twisting single-track—short, but sweet. A great “Green” single-track experience.
O Timbers Trail (.25 Mile) Scenic shortcut through big pines along the Snake River between the Mountain House and River Run base area.

 NEW Wall Ride

New and ready to ride - A new wall feature and further completion of Paid In Full Trail.

Keystone Mountain Biker

BlueTrail Tab

- Steeper grades (average 10%), larger rocks and roots
- May encounter moderate free-ride features: elevated bridges, berm turns, and small tabletop type features
- Requires good mountain bike handling skills

Blue Trails Table

Status Trail Name Trail Description
O Boy Scouts   (.5 mile) Rolling single-track across ski trails and through lodgepole pines. Boy Scouts
O Eye of the Tiger (1.25 Mile) This rolling trail winds in and out of the forest and offers bridges, berms and rocks.
O Logger's Way (1.25 Mile) Fast and flowing trail with berms, small jumps and rollers. A great introduction to freeride terrain.
O Mosquito Coast (1.25 Mile) A fast and enjoyable ride across the mountain with options to try more difficult fereride features.
            O River Run Trail (.75 Mile) Single-track trail that winds across ski runs leading to the base of the Summit Express Lift and River Run Gondola.
Summer Mountain Biking in Keystone

Black Trails - Most Difficult

- Most difficult, steep single-track trails, larger free-ride features
- May encounter stair-type drops that can be rolled down
- May encounter large rock gardens and roots
- Requires advanced mountain bike handling skills

Black Trails Table

Status Trail Name Trail Description
O            Cowboy Up This short but sweet trail offers tight technical turns, log drops, and a huge rock garden.

(Newly opened. Snow in the rock garden use bypass)
O Money The name says it all—table tops & massive berm turns.
O            Motorhead Flowing singletrack with berms, step jumps, table tops, bridges, and rocky descents.
O Paid-in-Full A newly designed trail that weaves in and out of trees with high-speed features & alternate lines.


Punk Rock Short, technical, single-track boulder field. (This will remain closed while we are working on a re-route on lower TNT.)
O TNT Aggressive descent on overgrown mining and logging roads, offering alternate freeride features. Look for the Ida Belle’s mine off to your right. (Last section closed getting remodeled)
O Wild Thing A technical, narrow single-track, with tight twisting turns, steeps and rock drops through large aspen stands.

Down Hill Mountain Biking at Keystone

Double Black Trails - Expert

- May encounter extremely rocky, steep terrain
- Challenging free-ride features including skinny bridges, step-ups, drops, and large jump features
- These trails are designed for expert downhill bike riders

Double Black Trails Table

Status Trail Name Trail Description
O Drop Zone  Challenging free-ride features including skinny bridges, step-ups, drops, and large jump features. (Voodoo and Witch Doctor closed).
O Even Flow This is a steep trail with switchbacks and one of our longest northshore bridges with many unique feature options.
O Helter & Skelter This pair of trails utilize the steep terrain around an old power line, including some rocky descents and optional jumps.
O High Speed Dirt Tight winding turns through the woods and over some steeper rocky sections, with multiple options.
O Jam Rock Features and rocks galore—five larger jump options and a rocky forest with progressive line choices.
O Milky Way Flowing single-track with sweeping berm turns and multiple features for advanced riders.
O            Sanitarium Rolling, fast, flowy downhill through the forest with our longest bridge ever leading to an exciting 14' tall corkscrew feature.

Service Roads

O 3 P Road   (.5 mile) dirt service road which accesses the beginning of Mosquito Coast and Let It Ride. Please use caution as you may encounter motorized vehicles and other riders. To access Let it Ride Mosquito Coast and Tiger

Jackstraw Road   (6 miles) (Open only if you want to go up and back down on it). A dirt service road that goes to the Mountain House base area. Please use caution as you may encounter motorized vehicles.

Cadillac Road  (.5 mile) A dirt service road which accesses Gondola Mid Station, Sanitarium, Boy Scouts and Wild Thing. 

O Jaybird Road  (.5 mile) A dirt service road which accesses Gondola Mid Station.

O Keystone

Gulch Road
 Access to West Ridge and Colorado trail, unmaintained and unpatrolled, but great cross-country trails.

O Keystone

Bike Path 
 (6 miles to Dillon) Continuous paved trail network which extends from the Ski Tip Neighborhood to the River Course. 

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