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Keystone Sports will be ready for you when you get to the resort. No hassles and less time waiting means more time for fun. We offer a unique opportunity that allows you to pick-up, adjust, or drop off your equipment at our Mountain House Base Area or River Run Village locations.

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Keystone Ski Rentals: Renting the Perfect Pair of Skis

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Rent Skis And Snowboards From KeystoneGreat equipment means a great time out on the slopes, and that perfect pair of skis is a little different for everyone.

With all the choices available these days, it can be difficult to know exactly what types of skis are right for you.

Here’s a handy guide to help you pick the perfect pair of rental skis.

Consider your gender

While unisex skis are fine, you might opt for gender-specific equipment that’s created with your body type in mind. Most shops offer women-specific, men’s and junior skis to suit your style, shape and center of gravity.

Know your ability

The rental experts will fine tune your bindings and select your ski size based in part on your ability. So let them know if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier (if you’re not sure, they’ll ask you questions to determine where you fall on the scale).

For advanced skiers, many shops offer more technical skis or state-of-the-art demo packages.

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What do you plan to ski?

Rent SkisDownhill/Alpine Skiing

All-Mountain:Most skiers fall into this category. If you’re a beginner especially, this is the perfect ski for you.

It’s great on virtually all the terrain you’ll encounter while on the mountain.

Powder: Powder skis are more popular at Keystone and throughout the Rockies thanks to our abundance of light, deep snow.

These are fatter skis designed to float on top of the snow, rather than carve through it.

If you’re planning to join a Snowcat tour or hit the upper bowls, consider a powder setup.

Twin Tip: These are good for freestyle skiers because of the curved edge on both the front and the back, making it easier to land jumps forward or backward.

Choose the turning radius

You’re either going to be making tight turns down the hill or wide, sloping turns. The former is typically true of more experienced skiers, while the latter is reserved for beginners and people who prefer to take it easy down the slope.

Be sure to tell the associate helping you how you plan on carving down the mountain.

Select the ski length

The right ski length depends on your height, skill level, skier style and the type of terrain you’ll encounter. As a general rule of thumb, place the end of the ski on the ground and look to see where the tip is compared to your body:


Should be between the chin and mouth.
Recommended: Alpine Sport Package

Intermediate: Should be between the mouth and eyes.
Recommended: Alpine Performance Package
Advanced: Should be between the eyes and forehead.
Recommended: Alpine Demo Package

If you plan to ski the terrain park or navigate trees, you may want shorter skis. If all else fails, trust the experts on staff at one of our on-mountain rental facilities.

They’re trained to help fit you with the perfect pair of skis to make the rest of your day epic.

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Snowboarding in Keystone: Finding the Right Rental Snowboard

You’re ready to ride. You just need one last ingredient: the perfect snowboard for an epic day at Keystone. To find the board that’s right for you, use these helpful tips:

Know your ability level

Boards are tailored to different types of riders. Be honest about your skill level with the associates helping you, since they will know which styles and brands will fit you best.

Note your favorite terrain or riding style

Rent SnowboardsThere are different types of boards based on the type of snowboarding you plan to do while you’re at Keystone.

All-Mountain: Like the skis of the same name, these boards are great for the beginner and intermediate shredder.

They’re designed to work well in most situations on the mountain and will allow you try all types of terrain.

Freestyle: If you plan on spending most of your time at A51, get a freestyle board.

It’s a little shorter and perfect for jibbing rails and boxes.

Powder: If you’re jonesing to get off the groomed track, then a powder board is best for you. It’s designed to float on top of the snow, rather than trying to cut through it.

Perfect for a little off-piste action!

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Pick the width

The width of the board is based on your shoe/boot size. When fit properly, the boot should hang just slightly off the board on both sides. This will give you much better leverage and control when you’re shredding down the mountain.

Choose a stance

Snowboard RentalsSnowboard stance has to do with the angle of your feet, the width between your feet, and which foot is forward.

A rental expert can help you determine the right stance and set it for you, but it’s helpful to know which foot you prefer to lead with.

Quick test: Stand with your feet together and let someone push you from behind. Which leg do you step forward with? If it’s the left leg, your stance is “regular.”

If it’s the right, you’re “goofy.” As the name implies, most snowboarders are “regular.”

Select the length

Back in the early days of boarding, selecting the right length was simple: If the tip came up to your chin, it was the right length.

However, these days, so much science goes into building the perfect board that it takes both your height and weight to determine the right length for your body type.

This is another area where an associate will have the experience necessary to size your board correctly.

When you follow this guide and listen to the person helping you fit your snowboard rental in Keystone, you’re sure to leave the shop with the right gear for a perfect day on the mountain.

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