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CBST Adventures & Activities

Corporate Adventure Programs

Amazing Race

Amazing Race

Your team will race all over town looking to solve riddles and competing in challenges, in efforts of taking home the ultimate prize. You and your intrepid band of adventure seekers will have to maximize your collective intuition, physical abilities, mental strengths and emotional depths to keep on moving. Everyone will have to step up if your team wants to be the first to cross the finish line.

On the road of competition, there will be many decisions to make. Follow the pack and hope to beat them at their own game, or take the road less traveled and attain unheralded points? Try to squeeze in bonus tasks between the assigned challenges? Risk the timeliness of public transportation or maintain a steady pace on foot? So many choices to make, but getting from point A to point B is only half the battle…

With every required stop, your team will be given a task and you’ll need to decide who’s best suited and most inspired to lead you to victory. We’ve designed the tasks so that everyone will have a chance to step up and compete. Who is fit for a high impact physical challenge? Who has a photographic memory? Who has steady hands and nerves of steel? Just a few of the many strengths that will need to be tapped in order finish the race with the most amount of points.  Get ready for the race of your life!


Photos from Amazing Race

4X4 GPS Road Rally

Summit County Road Rally Race

Our accelerated take on the traditional scavenger hunt is an innovative team building activity that incorporates popular orienteering and navigational devices. This is a fun, action-packed program, which reinforces essential skills such as cooperative decision-making, leadership, interdependency, conflict mediation, and problem solving. You and your teammates will be divided evenly and will travel with a pre assigned driver off road in 4x4 vehicles in search of hidden clues and riddles throughout the great mountain community of Summit County.

We explain the concepts, the agenda and the structure. We give you the tools and teach you the skills. Teams will be schooled in the use of some simple and technological backcountry tools, as well hand-held tracking devices called Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) unit.  It’s up to the individual teams to make sure everyone is up to speed as far as usage of these materials and an understanding of the Big Picture.  We set up a tally system and a schedule so the team who maximizes the points and conquers the challenges emerges victorious.

Choose from the following Adventure Options:
VEHICLE G.P.S. Course - Locate G.P.S. Coordinates and Solve Tasks throughout the Local Region

COMMUNITY IMPACT Series - Volunteer Community Service Projects throughout the Local Region

HISTORICAL CHALLENGES - Museums, Mines & Hidden Gems throughout the Local Region

WESTERN ROUND UP - 4x4 G.P.S. Course + (2-4) Western Themed Challenges


Photos from Summit County Road Rally Race


GPS Orienteering Quest

This fast paced team-building trek is perfect for any type of terrain. Explode onto an urban setting and pound the pavement in search of victory, or embark into the backcountry and bushwhack your way to greatness. Either way, our orienteering quest is a fun, action-packed program, which reinforces essential communication and enhances decision-making and leadership skills…


During the kickoff, our facilitator will explain the concepts, agenda and structure. Our guides will help teams get familiar with the tools of the game, including a hand-held tracking device called a G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) unit. Teams get a chance to strategize and develop their game plan, then embark off on the quest. Along the way teams will be presented with clues to solve certain mysteries. These clues are thought provoking and intelligent, thus challenging teams to put their thinking caps on in order to advance to the next point. In some cases, teams will be asked to locate specific historical features or elements, which lend a more adventurous and intelligent aspect to this activity.

Points depend on the quantity of successful photos, riddle solving success, creativity and time management. The team with the most points at the end of the adventure brings home the top prize. By the time winners are announced, team members get a better appreciation of each other as well as the knowledge of the history and lore of their surroundings.

This action packed, high tech innovative adventure is offered on foot and on snowshoes

Photos from GPS Orienteering Quest

Command Central

Command Central GPS

Do you want to see how you and your cohorts would really fare if your world and your goals were constantly changing every minute? Well, look no further. This signature program is no less than exhilarating and transforming. Adrenaline runs high here. And you’ll succeed only if you communicate in the most thorough and efficient way possible. Keep your head on straight.

Your team task involves using a G.P.S. unit, topographic maps, commercial grade Motorola 5 watt 2-way radios, written and verbal instructions, a set of clues, and a pen to find flags on a tract of land. Your ‘field team’ will be scouring the terrain to find the hidden flags while back at “Command Central”, 2 of your teammates are the eyes and ears relaying the information from the map that they have (with specific locations and clues) via 2-way radios.

Teams in the field possess a blank map, a G.P.S. unit (with pre-existing coordinates entered) and a 2-way radio and that’s it! It’s the entire team’s objective to communicate effectively via a 2- way radio in order to steer the ”field team” in the right direction so they can “capture the flag”. Each specified GPS landmark denotes a determined number of flags on the ground. Every time a flag is claimed, its counterpart gets pulled from Command Central’s digital projection map complete with action soundtrack background music and sound effects. This is an action-packed activity that will have your team cheering for more.


Photos from Command Central GPS

Built for Need

Built For Need Bicycle Challenge

Take yourself back to a time when your bike was the greatest toy on earth. Now imagine building that bike with your own two hands and racing it against your friends and colleagues in unique events like the Slugfest, the Tricycle Relay Rally and the Downhill Derby. These custom races are sure to get the blood pumping and serve as fodder for hearty laughs and lasting memories. The best part is, that at the finish line, you will donate all the bicycles to a local non-profit organization!

This rewarding event will provide you with an opportunity to make a contribution to the community AND enhance your company’s group dynamics, communication and morale. It is hard to describe in words the level of enthusiasm and energy that participants have for this event so, please click on the link below and watch highlights from one of our recent Built For Need Bicycle Challenge Events…


Eco Challenge

Eco Challenge

City slickers no more! Now you can get a taste of what the stunning Rocky Mountains has to offer and test your wilderness skills at the same time. Our Eco-Challenge will have you scurrying through the backcountry completing various physical and mental challenges in the name of team-building and friendly (or fierce) competition…

Using a map, compass and G.P.S. unit, teams will have to navigate through an orienteering course and tackle several initiatives. Certified guides will train and educate participants on all the necessary tools and gear. Our facilitator will go over the instructions and course objectives, enabling folks to strategize and succeed in this adrenaline-packed event. A comprehensive point scale, tallied at the end of the program, is based on completion times, group dynamics and creative problem solving. In order to gain the ultimate prize, teams will have to distribute responsibilities with respect to personal strengths, physical abilities and team goals.


Galactic Group

Galactic Voyage

Your team has set off on a cosmic voyage through space and time. During your flight your vessel begins to lose power and all of your engines shut down. In a panic, your captain prepares the team for an emergency landing on a distant planet on the horizon. With tactful skill and prowess your team successfully lands on a mysterious planet. This is where our adventure begins…

Get ready for an out-of-your-world experience! Your intrepid crew will embark upon the alien terrain in search of the much-coveted moonstones. Throughout the day’s journey, you’ll have the opportunity to gain and trade moonstones through intergalactic challenges. The more moonstones that you collect, the more you’ll have to barter with the ‘locals’ in your quest to gather supplies to build your spaceship. Your crew will even receive extra moonstones based on the quality of your space vessel. Finally, in a gesture of gratitude and good will, your crew will create an Interplanetary Salutation, worthy of your hosts. In return, your crew will receive more moonstones to help you on your journey home. You’ll have to develop a strategy… Your time is limited... Your supplies are limited… You’ll need to use your resources wisely.

Although teams will be given specific supplies for the creation of their spacecraft, teams may bring extra supplies, decorations and costumes to enhance their galactic experience. Get your plan together, gather the goods and get your game face (and antennae) on. Now’s the time to get in touch with your inner extraterrestrial and put your team light years ahead of the competition. Your voyage is quickly approaching.


Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

Let the games begin! This exciting competition is a great way for you and your cohorts to catch the spirit of the winter season. Enjoy a fun and relaxed afternoon off with your co-workers, or test the intensity level of your office mates in an extreme physical competition… the choice is up to you. Bring your warm clothes and positive attitude, and get ready for some fun…

In the midst of a winter wonderland, groups will have to engage in a selection of activities such as the Snowshoe Shuffle, Nordic Express Tubing Challenge, Ullr Launch, Retro Ski Relay, Biathlon, and many more. Choose from our list of proven challenges or share a few suggestions of your own, we’re more than happy to throw them into the mix.

This adrenaline packed competition is based on a comprehensive point scale, tallied at the end of the entire event and based on completion times, group dynamics, approaches, etc. In order to gain the ultimate prize, teams will have to distribute among themselves responsibilities which are best suited for their members with respect to personal strengths, goals and physical abilities.


Snowshoe Shuffle – This blood-pumping course meanders up, down, over, and around different obstacles for your snowshoeing pleasure. We’ll spice it up with variety of relays and objectives so that everyone gets to support the cause.


Retro Ski Relay – Team members will don colorfully hip outfits and flashback to the 70’s as they inspire their team to work together and move in unison through a dynamic snow track.

Ullr Launch – Teams will divide and conquer as they attempt to play the ultimate game of pitch and catch. A few individuals will step up to the line with hand held ball launchers, while the rest of the team heads out into the field with snowshoes and prepares to catch as many balls as possible.

Tug O’ War - The all-time classic sport… Two teams, one rope. The first team to cross the line loses. The difference is that this version takes place on snow where traction isn’t exactly a given. This activity tests the physical strength and stamina of your entire team. This activity can be set up in a “tournament” format with single loss elimination.

Downhill Ski Relay - The uphill team members will be skiers and the downhill folks will be snowshoers. Skiers maneuver their way through a simple course and tag a snowshoer who will hike up with the next skier’s equipment. This will be repeated until all team members have completed either 1 uphill or downhill leg.


Photos from Winter Olympics

Winter Rescue

Winter Rescue Challenge

Learn all the essential tools for backcountry winter survival and develop teamwork skills while playing in a field of champagne powder. We fuse modern technologies like G.P.S. units and Avalanche Beacons with classic standard techniques such as probing and survival shelters in order to create a well-rounded, innovative approach to team building. Whether you are planning on spending some hours playing in the snow with your friends or looking for an exercise to get your work colleagues out of their comfort zone, this outing is a perfect blend of adrenaline, excitement and innovation.


Our guides work with local Search and Rescue outfits and will show you how skills such as orienteering, risk management, communication, and technology are incorporated into Avalanche Forecasting and Rescue Programs. Each team is given a list of objectives, an assortment of tools, and specific real life rescue challenges to perform. All activities are hands-on and require serious team involvement. To drive these principals home, our experts will direct a group discussion in order to correlate survival lessons learned with everyday scenarios at home and in the workplace.


Beacon Field – Teams will arrive to the rescue scene and be schooled in the use of an Avalanche Beacon, a state of the art piece of search and rescue equipment. Search groups will “follow the beeps” in efforts of locating buried victims. Bring your high tech attitude and shovel and prepare to dig to save lives…


Avalanche Probing – Upon arrival to this challenge location, Search and Rescue Professionals will share valuable tactics for finding winter survivors with an Avalanche Probe. High tech gadgets will get you close, and the probe will help you drive home the search effort. Teams will test their efficiency while coordinating a perimeter search in efforts to dig out survivors.


Litter Rescue Relay – One of your crew has just been dug out and rescued from the avalanche but you find he has been injured in the process. Your team will have to help your fallen companion into a litter (stretcher for snow rescue) and work together to get them out of harms way. This challenge will test your physical strength and your ability to coordinate efforts under pressure.


Survival Shelter – Some rescue efforts take days to develop and culminate, and having shelter is extremely important if darkness and cold are moving into the mountains. In order to continue survival, teams will have to build an emergency snow fort based on certain materials and design parameters.



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