Capture. Connect. Share.

Unlock your mountain experience. Capture your entire day on the mountain, connect with friends and family, and share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter all from your computer or mobile phone. A quick scan of your RF enabled pass will allow EPICMIX to track your vertical feet, earn pins, compete in races and let our on-mountain photographers to take your picture and deliver it to your EPICMIX account for free.

About EpicMix - now with photo!

 EpicMix Photographer

EpicMix is an award-winning and popular ski and snowboard application that has been called one of the best in the industry. Get free photos on the mountain, track your days skied, vertical feet, see where you rode. Earn EpicMix pins for your achievements and collect points all with EpicMix.

Elevate your mountain experience.

  • Track Your Vertical Feet.
  • Earn Pins.
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • View Your Photos.
  • Download unlimited high resolution photos.
  • Compete at an EpicMix Race Course.
  • Track your progress in Ski and Snowboard School with EpicMix Academy.
  • Activate your free account today. Set your settings to ‘share socially’ to share on Facebook and Twitter manually or automatically or select ‘private’ and only you can see your account activity. 


Kids can also view their photos and stats after a parent creates their child's account. When you create a family on EpicMix, you will be able to view the photos and stats for the entire family!


  • Season Passes, Epic Day Cards and Peaks Cards are equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • EpicMix calculates vertical feet based on each chairlift you ride. Gantries are located at various locations at each chairlift and read your pass as you go by.
  • EpicMix is a passive application, which means it’s easier for you! You don’t have to tell EpicMix to start tracking your activity on the mountain because we do it for you automatically. Since each pass is scanned at the chairlift, EpicMix can start tracking your statseven before you activate your account. You can view all of your past activity whenever you activate your account.
  • Before participating in an EpicMix Photo or Race your pass is scanned so we make sure your data is associated to your account

Get more from EpicMix by setting your share settings to ‘Share Socially’ and share your accomplishments with friends and family manually or automatically.  Plus, you’ll be eligible to join the EpicMix Leaderboard.  Linking your account to Facebook and Twitter is easy!  Simply sign in to your account from your computer, select ‘EpicMix Settings’, select ‘Share Socially’ on the ‘Privacy’ tab and you’re all set!
1).  Enter your pass number
2). Create a username and password
3). Personalize your account

EpicMix Time

Introducing EpicMix Time – Coming December 2015 to Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck and Keystone
Get more from the mountain with EpicMix, the official app of [enter resort].  Maximize your time on the mountain by comparing lift line times in the free iOS or Android App.  This new functionality will allow you to view lift line times from your phone whenever you like while you navigate the mountain.  Plus, this revolutionary feature is introducing GPS functionality allowing you to see your location on the trail map.  Get started today by downloading the app.

EpicMix Guide

Create Your Perfect Day on the Mountain. EpicMix Guide uses guest input to generate a customized, step-by-step navigational guide to experience Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge or Keystone in Colorado, Canyons in Park City, Utah or Heavenly, Northstar or Kirkwood at Lake Tahoe like a long-time local.

How EpicMix Guide Works:
  • Create your perfect day on the mountain.
  • Save your selected guide to your profile before you go.
  • Track your progress on your mobile device as you explore the mountain.
  • Available on the free iPhone or Android app.


EpicMix Challenge


EpicMix Challenges – The challenge awaits you! App available on Iphone & Android platforms. Introducing the brand new EpicMix Challenges program, available through the EpicMix app. Are you constantly trying to convince your friends and family that you're the best skier on the mountain? Prove it by picking new challenges through the EpicMix app today! Choose between beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert challenges and start collecting bragging rights for the season.

 EpicMix Pins 

EpicMix Pins

View a full list of Keystone EpicMix pins

Earned for getting a photo taken at the top of Dercum Mountain 
Lil Ranger
Earned for riding Ranger 10 times in a season

Jesse Owens
Earned for riding all 6 express lifts at Keystone

Mighty Mouse
Earned for completing 5 runs in a day

Earned for 50 days in one season at Keystone

Night Rider
Earned for visiting Keystone after 4 p.m. to enjoy the night skiing
On the Hill
Earned for skiing 40 days in one season

Skeleton Key
Earned for 25 days in one season at Keystone

Ruby Tuesday
Earned for riding Ruby Express 5 times on a Tuesday
The Hangout
Check in on the same lift 10 times in one day

Sling Key
Earned for visiting Keystone 3 days in a row

Thin Air
Earned for covering 75,000 vertical feet

Earned for skiing after 12 inches of snow

Day Late
Earned for missing the best powder by a day

Creature of Habit
Earned for hitting the same lift 10 times in one day
Key Summit
Earned for two times on the Outback Express Chair

EpicMix Photo

Epic Photographers  EPICMIX PHOTO
EpicMix Photographers are located on the mountain to help you capture your memories. Photos are free to take plus, it’s quick, it’s easy, and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter right away! Just stop by an EpicMix photographer on the mountain to take individual or group photos and strike a pose or take an action shot. Then activate your EpicMix account to access your photos.

  • The Best deal of the season! Action shots. Family portraits. Race Course photos.
  • Unlimited Photo Downloads.
  • All for $40!
  • All images. All season. All resorts.
  • Purchase online epicmix.com

EpicMix Racing

Epic Racing  Come join the fun.  Race and compete against yourself, your friends and even Four-Time Overall World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Lindsey Vonn. 

Available Opening Day until Closing Day, you can view your times within the EpicMix application and be eligible to compete at the annual Lindsey Vonn Race Series Event when you race 10+ times.

  • Earn Medals, and see how your time stacks up against your friends, family and others in your age group.
  • Share you accomplishments with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
  • $6 per race.
  • Free with Ski School.

  • All ages.  All disciplines. (Alpine, Snowboard, Telemark & Adaptive).

  • Race 10+ times to be eligible to race against Lindsey in person at the annual Lindsey Vonn Race Series Event.

EpicMix Academy

Adult Ski School Lesson Track your progress in Ski and Ride School with EpicMix Academy!
  • Your instructor will check off individual skills that you have demonstrated during the lesson and help you understand  what you need to achieve to reach the next level.
  • Track your lifetime achievements, earn certified pins, link family members to your account and share your accomplishments with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Available at Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Beaver Creek, Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of questions, concerns, and queries relating to EpicMix. Below are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions about EpicMix. For additional EpicMix stories and information, including how to make the most out of EpicMix, please check out the EpicMix blog posts on Buzz.

How do I set up my EpicMix account?
To set up an account, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to epicmix.com
  • Select "Start Now"
  • Select "Continue" to register for your EpicMix account
  • Enter your 10-digit pass number
  • Enter your last name exactly as it appears on your pass
  • Enter your home zip code
  • Check "Terms & Conditions"
  • Select "Next"
  • If you receive the following message, "The pass number is already linked to an online account. Please login to your account" then you already have an account login.
  • Select the "Login to your account" hyperlink. Your account username and password will be the same username and password used to access other Vail Resorts sites such as snow.com
  • If you've forgotten your username or password, click on "Forgot your username or password?" and enter either your username or pass number.

If I still have questions or need help logging in to EpicMix, where should I go?
You can go to the EpicMix Facebook page and click on "Support Center" on the left side of the page or email epicmix@vailresorts.com. If your question is still not answered, please call our customer service department at 888-697-0785.

What passes and lift tickets have EpicMix?
All Vail Resorts season passes, PEAKS cards, and cards with an RF logo on the back are equipped with EpicMix and begin capturing stats automatically and seamlessly as soon as you hit the slopes. No sign-up or registration is required. Vail Resorts is replacing nearly all paper lift tickets with durable and reusable "smart" lift passes at all six mountain resorts. So, all lift tickets purchased directly from Vail Resorts will be on hard card media, or "smart" lift passes.

What resorts have EpicMix?
Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Heavenly, Northstar and Kirkwood have EpicMix for the 2012/13 season. *Kirkwood does not have EpicMix Photo or Racing. *Arapahoe Basin will not have EpicMix at this time.

How do I see my stats?
EpicMix will automatically start capturing your stats on your first day on the slopes. Once you have access to a computer or mobile device, login to your online account. If you do not have an online account, register now.

How does EpicMix track my vertical feet?
EpicMix calculates your vertical feet based on your lift rides on the mountain. The difference between the elevation of the top of the lift you got off of, and the elevation of the bottom of the lift you get on next, equals the vertical feet covered by that run. When you leave for the day, and stop riding lifts, EpicMix registers that you have left the mountain and can add the vertical feet covered on your last run of the day to the day's total.

How do I earn pins?
Based on your activity and exploration on the slopes, you will earn pins. Pins are determined by where, when and how often you ski and ride at all six resorts. And, this season we are telling users how pins can be earned on epicmix.com.

Can I use EpicMix on my phone?
Yes. EpicMix's mobile apps are compatible with all web-connected phones with an internal browser. EpicMix will automatically default to the proper mobile website for easy viewing. With EpicMix's mobile apps, you can view, track and share your stats anywhere and anytime, even when on the mountain. The iPhone and Android apps are live.

Does EpicMix have an iPad app?
No, not at this time. But you can view the mobile website on the iPad or use the iPhone app on the iPhone.

Can I connect EpicMix with my social media accounts?
Yes. You can connect EpicMix with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and later this season, with the most popular photo storage sites (e.g. Flickr, Snapfish and Shutterfly).

How do I connect with friends/family on EpicMix?
There are two ways to connect with your friends and family:

1. If you and your family are listed as one household, your family members will automatically display within your EpicMix account.

2. Log in to EpicMix and connect with your Facebook account. You'll be able to easily see and add all of your Facebook friends who are on EpicMix.

Can my kids participate in EpicMix?
Yes. Kids' stats will be automatically captured as long as their pass or ticket is RF enabled. An adult needs to add the child to their family and their stats will then be accessible. Children under the age of 13 cannot share via Facebook. Facebook is available for users 13 years of age or older.

Can a child under 13 open EpicMix accounts?
No. Children can participate in EpicMix, but Vail Resorts will not allow a child under 13 to open his or her own account. A parent with an EpicMix account may grant his or her child access to EpicMix and create a private account for that child, which is attached to the parent's account. In setting up their child's account, parents will only be able to enter a first name and select a fun, cartoon avatar for their child's identity.

Will my kid's information be shared on the web?
Children's access to EpicMix will be private and have limited features. Children's accounts will not link to Facebook or Twitter and only that child's immediate family will have access to share, or link to the child on EpicMix. Vail Resorts complies with COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, meaning that we will not collect information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent.

How do I edit my data if it was not correctly captured?
Simply go to your "Dashboard" and select the day in question. Above your "Newsfeed" you will be able to make any adjustments under "Add to my day".

Is EpicMix available for International Guests?
Yes, of course. International guests must call our call center at 970-496-4500 to set up an EpicMix account. They will be asked to provide the pass number.

Does EpicMix work at non-Vail Resorts mountain resorts?
No, currently EpicMix is offered only at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Heavenly and Northstar.


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