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Snowmobile Tours

If you are looking for an adventure off the slopes but still love the outdoors, try snowmobiling. Enjoy the crisp mountain air, snowy scenery and have an active and exciting day.

Type: Adventure, Outdoor, Grown Up

Location: River Run Village



Snowmobile Tours

Colorado snowmobile tours are an adventure. Experienced guides will take you through lush forests to some of the most awesome views of the majestic Colorado Rockies. Let professional guides help you experience the Colorado high country. No previous snowmobiling required, but tours are offered for experienced riders. Call Activities and Dining at 970-496-4386 to make reservations.

Tour Options & Pricing:
 Tour Options  Pricing
 2 Hour Tours   $110 - $180 per driver
 $60 per passenger
 3 Hour Tours  $230 per driver

Prices vary based on level of tour.  Transportation provided. 

Time: Tours are at 9:00AM, 12:00PM, and 3:00PM

Location: Off site.  Transportation provided

Reservations:  Call 970-496-4386 to book.  Reservations Required.

There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather: How to Dress & What to Bring

What to Bring on a Snowmobile Tour:
Experience the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains from a snowmobile as you ride through powder-fill back country bowls at elevations from 11,000 to 12,000 feet.  When you’re at the 'top of the world on a snowmobile riding through winter elements and conditions it’s important to dress for the weather. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your ride through remote mountain tundra with the right clothing choices and key pieces of equipment.  

Your Outer Shell
You’ll be spending the entire portion of your snowmobiling tour outside so you should dress similar to how you would for a day of skiing.  The snowmobile tour company will provide you with the option of wearing their insulated coverall jumpsuit, a full-face snowmobiling helmet and snow boots.  Their equipment is made of high quality materials that will help keep you warm and dry during your outdoor excursion.  Wearing the snowmobile company gear as your outer layer will also protect your clothing and gear from the snowmobile fumes. However, if you are more comfortable wearing your own outer layers , you’ll want to wear wind and water resistant ski jackets and pants. 

Be Sure To Layer Right
When getting dressed for your snowmobiling tour you will want to wear enough layers so that you will be warm but not sweating.  Dress in layers similar to what you would wear for a day of skiing.  Avoid wearing cotton jeans and sweatshirts that do not allow sweat to evaporate.  

The majority of heat is lost through the extremities which are your head, arms and feet.  Aside from providing top of the line helmets and boots, the snowmobiles used will have heated handle bars and foot rests.

Important items not to forget!
These last few items are easy to forget but are essential to keep you warm during your trip.

• Warm gloves or mittens – The snowmobiles will have heated handles to help keep your hands toasty warm.  However, you’ll be traveling at speeds up to 40MPH and will want to make sure your gloves are wind resistant and waterproof. Ski or snowboard gloves work well for snowmobiling.

• Goggles- You’ll want goggles to protect your eyes from wind, snow and sun during your journey. Make sure you pack your ski goggles.  If you don’t own any you can also wear sunglasses but they will not provide as much warmth or protection. Remember, high altitude sunlight reflected from snow is much more intense than at lower elevations; snow-blindness may occur if goggles or sunglasses are not worn.

• Face masks or neck gators – Even light fluffy snow becomes surprisingly painful at high speeds.  Wear a face mask,  gator or scarf to keep the smile on your face!

• Sunscreen (even on cloudy days) – The high altitude makes the sun’s rays stronger.
• Pocket sized heat packs – The secret to enjoying being outside on cold winter days.  Throw them into the tips of your boots and into your gloves to ensure you stay nice and warm.  If it’s a particularly cold day keep one in the pocket you’ll keep your camera in so that it doesn’t freeze.

• Camera – You’ll want to take photos of all the fun you’ve had and the incredible views you encounter during your tour.  Your guide will be available to help with group shots and any necessary staging!
• Cards and IDS – You will need to bring a valid form of identification (like a drivers license) and a credit card to keep on file for damage deposits.

Finally, forget to bring some extra cash.  At the end of your trip you’ll want to tip your guide and possibly purchase action photos of your adventure. 

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